The motto of Ballinure National School “Spreagadh, Moladh, Comhoibriú (Encouragement, Praise, Co-Operation) emphasises the strong link between the home, school and the child. We aim to foster a Growth Mindset in our school by encouraging pupils to believe in their ability to change and grow as they learn. We grow, learn, play together. The core principle of respect is instilled in our pupils.

                                           “Small is beautiful” 

Small schools like Ballinure National School are a close knit unit, where every child has a role to play. We have ample space , modern,  well equipped classrooms, a large G.P hall, a library and resource room. Our  playground is   very  inviting, spacious and child friendly.   We also have a large pitch area .We encourage and promote our Gaelic Games and  physical activity. 

A small school like Ballinure is an ideal setting in which each child receives  individual attention. Children work in a  mixed class setting which encourages co-operation, independent learning . There is a strong sense of community within our school, we are supported by our very Active P.A, Board of Management and the wider community.

Mol an óige agus Tiocfaidh  sí.  The Irish language and culture is actively encouraged in the school. In school we aim to develop this sense of place and culture by fostering a love of our native games , language ,music and song and drama  in our pupils.We are especially proud of our  environmental projects within the school eg Green Flag initiative by An Taisce.

Primary Education  is such a valued time in the child’s life. These are the formative years and the values learnt shape the adult in the years to come. We ,in Ballinure ,always try to focus on the child  and to provide opportunites for each child to flourish through participation in the Primary School Curriculum and the many extra curricular activities  we enjoy.

The original school comprising of two classrooms  was built in 1945 . Baile An Iubhair (Iúir) means Town of the Yew tree.  

In 2006 we secured funding for an extension comprising of three spacious classrooms, a resource room, and a  G.P hall. The original classrooms were converted to Office/staff room and a library.

Ethos– Our school has a Catholic Ethos and the teachers are involved in religious instruction and in preparation of the children for the sacraments. However  we welcome and respect  pupils from all denominations  to the school. We are an open and inclusive school. We define Ethos as the characteristic spirit of the school, the ideas and values which are permeated throughout the school community.

Mission Statement– We ,the staff of Ballinure N.S aim to promote the development of the whole child, intellectual, cultural, physical, moral, emotional and spiritual. Within a respectful, stimulating and safe environment we will strive to ensure that each child fulfils his/her potential. We recognise the important role of parents and the wider community in education.