January 18 2022

Our Open Day is coming up next month and we have a new promotional video!

Watch it here



November 18 2021

Please support our annual SVP food donation appeal. Your support means a lot to local families. Thank You

September 24 2021

As part of the Cashel Arts Festival 3rd to 6th class took part in a Poetry Hour which was broadcast on Tipperary Mid-West Radio. Poems were submitted and a selection of them were read out on air by poets. All of the poems were excellent, so beautifully written and illustrated. Well done to all!! If anyone would like to listen to the show the link is available below


August 30th 2021

Are you looking for information about your child going back to school? Please check out the website of the Irish government. This is a verified and trustworthy source of information.

Gov.ie – Information for students, parents and families



June 28th 2021

When Covid-19 reached our shores we became part of a living history and so began our long journey of lockdown and social distancing,

Initially we hoped it would be for two weeks but this led into months

The Corona Virus Pandemic challenged us to respond innovatively to ensure that we maintained a link with our pupils. Thankfully we maintained daily con- tact through Zoom classes and video calls. Everyone responded and in many ways the Pandemic brought us together in a new way.

When we returned to school in September 2020, we felt it was important to allow the pupils to express their thoughts and feelings on the Lockdown.

We hope that this booklet will showcase the work our pupils did during lock- down and also their memories of it and will give you an insight into how the pupils in Ballinure N.S felt about the lockdown and how it impacted on their lives.